Monday, December 4, 2006

Observing the Unseen

“The gardens of the future will far surpass anything known at present, not because science and intelligence aid or promote them but because love does. The sensitivity and sharing of love, the oneness it brings, makes the plant more full what it is, more fully its God-essence.” (The Findhorn Garden, 1975)
Considering sustainability, permaculture, healing, teaching, creativity and self actualization, where are the common threads, what is at core…once you peel away the distractions and the narrowness of vision? Observing the unseen, hearing the unheard, remembering the forgotten, imagining the unknown…it’s really simple. More from Findhorn,: “Always it is your state that the nature world responds to, not what you say, not what you do, but what you are.”
By spending so much time and effort OUTSIDE that state, that truly conscious state, the war continues, the war on the planet, the war on each other, the war on ourselves.
I’m thinking of an old farm in Cary, paved over with freeways, targets and starbucks. Does anyone hear the voices still calling out from that farm? Does anybody see the footprints still pressed into the earth? And this too shall pass.
More from Findhorn:
“It makes an enormous difference to the soil when you work it with love, when you handle it with love, think of it and the life in it with love…God can work with us in this aspect and raise all life, raise the whole tone of life on this planet.”
It's better to consider the intangibles, all that which cannot be bought from someone else and all that which we cannot pay someone else to do for us. It’s time to return to the garden.

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