Thursday, January 25, 2007

Burnsville Dark and Cloudy

Yancey County Court, Wednesday January 25, 1854
I have seldom seen such scenes in a Court-house as I have seen today. Only two or three cases have been disposed of and they have been handled in the rudest manner. The more I see of the County Courts, the more I wish to see them abolished. Drunkenness has reigned today. A portion of the Court has been drunk all day. How shameful! A portion of the time, while suits were trying the whole court were off of the bench.

At different times I noticed groups about over the Court Yard and in the center stood a large gauky looking fellow with a fiddle and he would saw off some silly ditty two or three drunken fools would dance to the same. The populace have been unusually noisy today. The day has been dark and cloudy and this evening and tonight, it is raining. I have conversed tonight. One can learn little by conversation here, save how depraved men are.
-Augustus Summerfield Merrimon

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