Monday, January 29, 2007

Chimney Rock

Good news on a Monday morning! I was about half awake when I heard one sentence on the radio, "Governor Easley is travelling to Chimney Rock for an announcement today." That meant only one thing: the state is buying Chimney Rock. Last I’d heard, the Chimney Rock Park people and the State were about $20 million dollars apart. But private donors came through to make the deal happen. So we have the 1000 acre landmark becoming part of a new state park near Hickory Nut Gap.

I’ve pulled out some vintage postcards to upload here…over the next few days Most of the cards are from the 1920s to 1940s.

Blame Interstate 40 for taking Chimney Rock down a notch or two in the travel and tourism pecking order. Without I-40 in place, a lot of us Piedmonters found our way to the mountains, past Charlotte, past Shelby, on toward Lake Lure, Chimney Rock, and over Hickory Nut Gap to reach Asheville. There’s sure no shortage of mid-century postcards from the glory days of that corner of the mountains.

Forget W, there WAS some good news reported today.

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