Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Merriment in Yancey County

Yancey County Court , January Term A.D. 1854. Tuesday January 24th. 1854.

I feel confident in saying that I have never seen a court behave so badly and keep such confusion. There is during the Session of the court a continual fuss, a continual talking, so that the Court, the Council nor the jury cannot hear the testimony. It is disgraceful, that in a country like our own, distinguished for its freedom and equality, justice is permitted to be trampled upon.

There has been a crowd in attendance today and they have tried to see how badly they could behave themselves. Scores were drunk and tonight are snoring away over the drunkenness of today. I saw two women drunk and one cursed and swore desperately and proposed to whip some of the male friends that did not please her.

-Augustus Summerfield Merrimon

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