Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Great American Family

March 13, 1816
Secretary of War William Crawford to Congress – [on tactics for displacing the Cherokees from Tennessee and Georgia]

When every effort to induce among them ideas of separate property, as well in things real as personal, shall fail, let intermarriages between them and the whites be encouraged by the government. This cannot fail to preserve the race, with the modifications necessary to the enjoyment of civil liberty and social happiness.

It is believed that the principles of humanity in this instance are in harmonious concert with the true interest of the nation. It will redound more to the national honor to incorporate by a humane and benevolent policy, the natives of our forest in the great American family of freemen than to receive with open arms the fugitives of the old world whether their flight has been the effect of their crimes or their virtues.

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