Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ooneekawy Mountain

March 29, 1730
They proceeded over the Mountains, drank some of the Water on the Top of the high Ooneekawy Mountain, near which was a large Tree called the Poison’d Pear; from the Top of this Mountain to great Telliquo, is a Descent about 12 Miles. They arrived at great Telliquo in the Afternoon, saw the petrifying Cave, a great many Enemies Scalps brought in and put upon Poles at the Warriors Doors, made a Friend of the great Moytoy, and Jacob the Conjurer: Moytoy told Sir Alexander that it was talked among the several Towns last Year; that they intended to make him Emperor over the Whole; but now it must be whatever Sir Alexander pleased.

This entry describes one day of Sir Alexander Cuming’s travels through Cherokee country and the Ooneekawy (Unicoi) Mountains. "Great Telliquo (Tellico)" was located near the current Tellico Plains, TN. And the petrifying cave refers to a nearby cavern containing stalctites and stalagmites. The 38 year old Scottish nobleman had left Charleston on March 13 to negotiate a treaty with the Cherokee. Cuming’s meeting with the Cherokee leaders would take place on April 3, at Nequesee (Nikwasi) in present-day Franklin, NC. Ultimately, seven Cherokees departed with Cuming to sail to England for an audience with the King on June 22, 1730.

Cuming had already been traveling along the Little Tennessee on March 26, 1730:
From Estoway they went to Nooulfkah, and made a Friend of Hercules, got the Secret of his several Roots for Distempers, met on the Road the Conjurer of Toogabow, and made a Friend of him; then went by Echvey to Nequassee, where they met Telloquoluftokay, and made a Friend of him, then to Jore, where he lay all Night: This Day he made several Discoveries, made a Friend of the second Warrior of Joree, spoke with Caesar’s Brother, who discovered the Indians Plot to murder the English, and found here a transparent Stone on the Ground.

Clearly, Sir Alexander had some busy days during his travels amongst the Cherokee villages.

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Ron said...

Just came across the site. Really like the info. I noticed also in the report about the petrified cave. No one here seems to know of it.Must have been close to the village. Appreciate your writings.