Thursday, April 5, 2007

Brimstone Snake

The first snake of spring…seen the last day of March. I can tell you it was NOT a Glass Snake or Brimstone Snake. From John Brickell’s The Natural History of North Carolina (1743):

The Brimstone-snake, so called, from it's being almost of that colour. They might as well have called it, the Glass, or brittle-Snake, for it is as brittle as Glass, or a Tobacco-Pipe, for give it the least touch with a small Twig it immediately breaks, or rather disjoynts into several pieces; and several in these parts confidently affirm, that if they remain in the same place untouch'd, they will joyn together again.
What harm there may be in this brittle-ware, I cannot tell, for I never knew any Person hurt by them.

Brickell was actually referring to what is now called the eastern glass lizard.

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