Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 20, 1889

In his May 4, 1889 letter, A. J. Long shared his prospects for the crops planted around Webster, NC. With the passage of time he revised his initial dire forecast.

"Mr. Editor: Two weeks ago I gave it as my opinion that all the fruit about Webster was killed by the frost, but observations since have convinced me of my mistake. I find now, that in all the orchards (unforeseen contingencies excepted) there will be some peaches and out on the high lands, near the thermal belt, there will be abundance of both peaches and apples. I notice that the peach and damson trees in Webster of full of fruit; and I can see that the people in town are flattering themselves, that they will yet, have a peach pie this summer. ... A. J. Long, Sr. Near Webster, May 20th, 1889"

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