Saturday, May 12, 2007


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Suze said...

I read through some of your recent entries, particularly the one about developers. I live in South Florida, which has been beaten, raped and pillaged by developers - and is nearly dead. You talk about water - we're in a bad way here. They talk about the worst drought in history? Not so - it's just that there are more people than there are meant to be here - and there isn't enough water for them all.

I often used to fantasize about moving to North Carolina - especially the area around the Smokies. I have SO many books about the history of that area - it has always fascinated me. It is my kind of place - I grew up in the Catskill mountains in NY state.

But I don't consider it anymore because all the New Yorkers I want to get away from here are moving to Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. There are tons of people with a city mentality moving to the country - and they will change it, as they already have.

My husband and I have gone to the Smokies every fall for a few years - and we have seen the changes. It has broken my heart to see what they've done to Florida - it would tear me up more to see the mountains desecrated. I consider present Cherokee and Gatlinburg to be pock marks on the face of the earth - only in that man has made them that way. And what a shock it is to drive out of the Smokies right into Gatlinburg - from heaven to hell. Although the Smokies are getting too crowded - and people should be charged admittance so that the park can be kept better. The graffiti in one of the old houses in the park is heart-rending.

Now we are looking to move to the Northwest - at least there is plenty of space to run away to if the development gets to me. Boise, Idaho is where we're looking - and the development boom is going on there, too - except it is people trying to escape from California that are moving there.

I completely commiserate with you regarding land developers and their abettors.