Thursday, June 14, 2007

Audubon Confusion

Greetings to the good folks from Audubon International who’ve been visiting here this morning. Hope you're enjoying the blog. It's nice weather for golf today, but you should try bird-watching some time if you never have. It's a great day for it. I applaud your interest in birdies and eagles.

For more on the confusion between the Audubon Society and Audubon International, here are excerpts from a news story on the name confusion at a Tampa golf course:

To Audubon Society officials, Audubon International is like an evil twin who constantly causes trouble. They say developers frequently promise a golf course project is going to be "Audubon-certified," while Audubon Society members are unaware of or opposed to the project.

"When Audubon International certifies a golf course, it clearly creates a lot of confusion in the mind of the general public," said Charles Lee, senior vice president of Audubon of Florida. "There are cases where the developers go in and get some upfront connection to Audubon International and they wave that around in the government hearings."

It happened last month in Tampa. Environmental activists were questioning the plans for Grand Hampton, a new 1,600-home golf community planned in New Tampa that would plop down houses, apartments, businesses and an 18-hole golf course next door to the Cypress Creek Preserve, a watershed that feeds into the Hillsborough River, the city's main source of drinking water.

So the developers' attorney, Joel Tew of Clearwater, promised that the project would meet Audubon standards. That surprised the board of the Tampa Audubon Society. ...

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