Friday, June 15, 2007

A Better Way of Thinking

June 15,1751, British Governor Glen issued an urgent message to the Traders among the Cherokee Nation:

Gentlemen, As this Government has thought proper to send to the Cherokees to demand Satisfaction for the insolent and outdacious Behavior of some of their People, and as it will very much conduce to the Security and Welfare of this Province, as well as to the Safety of his Majesty's Subjects, the Traders in that Nation, that all trade and commerce with them be stopped till such Time as they come to a better Way of thinking.

And to comply with the Terms we have required of them, I therefore by the Advice of his Majesty's honorable Council, and in his Majesty's Name and Authority order each of your forthwith to leave the Cherokee Nation with all your Effects as you will answer the Contrary at your Peril.

A few years later, John Lipscomb was travelling near the Holston River, across the mountains in east Tennessee and on his way to Nashville when he made this diary entry:

June 15th 1784, rise early and cut the flesh off the bones of the beef and barbecued it to take us on the Journey; eat the Bones in a stew; got Rum and Whisky.

Mr. Sailsbery & Roberts being the cooks & behaved exceedingly well; they got plenty, after the company all eating there was some left – One thing Omitted yesterday. Cryer & Salisbery put Roberts hand in cold water to make him piss abed, but he awakened before it took place very angry and told them if they did the like again he would fling his left sledge hammer at them, which so alarmed them they did not attempt it.

Aha, people were such cut-ups back then...

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