Monday, July 30, 2007

Pink Motel

Pink Motel - Cherokee, NC


Anonymous said...

I am just wondering. Regarding the JDC and EDC in Jackson county, there seems like a lot of money has disappeared - something like $700,000 and no one knows where it is. How can this be? Where is the investigative journalism?

GULAHIYI said...

Perhaps the $700,000 is hidden under a mattress at the Pink Motel??????

Seriously, though...those are two very good questions. I remain curious about the first question...and deeply troubled by the second.

The news media is so hamstrung (though not as much as they act) by the financial pressures of keeping advertisers on board that they won't be doing much investigative journalism. I keep begging them to, and to no avail.

Village of Penland is a good example of how the public record contains abundant evidence of suspicious activities...AND goes unreported.

Frankly, I'm shocked that I have to continue doing what I'm doing on the Penland story. Wall Street Journal ran one cursory story (I notice they did NOT include the Penland Watch blog on their list of blogs related to the story...and it has about 100 times more information than the ones they listed. Why did they omit it from their list? Because I crack a joke once in a while? I don't know.)

I don't pretend to be an investigative journalist myself, but we do need more people who have the ability to "mine" the public records AND tell a coherent and compelling story.
That's a rare combination in the blogsphere, but it is also a rare combination among professional journalists.

As a result, democracy suffers.
End of sermon.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There was lots of information in the Sylva Herald Letters to the Editor but no one picked up on it enough to do a full investigation. That is taxpayers money, too.

We are hoping you can look into this.

Keep up the wonderful work! We really appreciate your blog and your time.