Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Expensive Toys in Dillsboro

The Carolina Trophy Rallye made a brief stopover in Dillsboro this morning. I'm told that we were looking at $30 million worth of vintage European sports cars...Ferrari, Jaguar, Austin Healey, Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes, etc.

Oh, and ONE Ford Falcon, which brought to mind the old tale about the ugly duckling. What the heck. Vroom, vroom.....


"The Rake" said...

We are heading to Dillsboro in a couple weeks. Anything you can point me towards or away from?


david hayes said...

They don't make cars like that anymore...

GULAHIYI said...

Rake - I would say AVOID the gated communities. Otherwise, here's a possible adventure: to celebrate 7/7/07 we came up with the seven wonders of Jackson County.
1. Whitewater Falls
2. Blue Ridge Parkway
3. Whiteside Mountain
4. Judaculla Rock
5. Panthertown Valley
6. Chattooga River
7. Jackson County Courthouse
I don't know if anybody had gotten to all 7 in ONE day, so this is your chance to be the first. THAT would be a day (or seven days) well spent!
David - We've been seeing a lot of vintage cars around here lately. Some of them certainly were works of art in a way you don't see anymore. My favorite was the white 1933 Dodge pickup truck at a rally in Waynesville last week. (Somehow, I failed to get a picture, which is unfortunate. That was one pretty truck.)
By the way, both you guys have interesting blogs. Thanks!