Monday, December 10, 2007

What Do You Think?

Carl and Lilian Sandburg, 1923

Following is an early piece (ca. 1909) published by Carl Sandburg (as Charles Sandburg). I'd never seen this until today at Connemara.

What do you think about these things?

.To GET into the game of life, take chances, make decisions, and keep moving; to cultivate dispatch, eliminate waste, introduce system;

. To ACQUIRE friends with whom you can babble of stars, roses, coffee and the weather; to head for the open country, hills and the free, fresh sun and wind;

. To USE every possible tool and situation for the advancement of The Great Cause; to distinguish between intelligent discussion and futile rag-chewing: to make a slight effort every day or so at inaugurating a civilization that lays emphasis on the soul as the best man;

. To PITY the respectable and satisfied, and see in the heart of the jailbird your own impulses; to be patient with the stupid and incompetent, and chat reverently with the town fool about his religion; to give and take no job that involves human degradation; to realize that the grafter, the scarlet woman, Rockefeller, Thaw and the one-legged man on the corner selling lead-pencils, are each the result of conditions for which all of us are in part responsible;

. To SPELL Art with a capital A and enjoy paintings, poems, stories, statues and the silent benedictions of architecture; to love expression; to know when to behave and when to get reckless and forget that you're a gentleman; to hoe in the garden, split wood, carry out ashes, get dirty and be actually useful every once in a while if not twice; to pray and aspire and build and when you build, build strong;

. To LIVE in a bungalow, with bathrooms, music, flowers, a beautiful woman and children healthy as little savages; to be proud that you're human and aware that it's grand to be human; to help make life a chord of music wherein are blended the notes of companionship, love and ability - how about these things, Brother?

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Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing these thoughts and words. much to ponder and embrace.