Friday, August 15, 2008

Smooth Sailing on the SS Peerless

[This was originally posted last summer. Let's just say the Village of Penland developers were becoming very unhappy with me at this point last year. It looks like the perps are going to pay the price for this infamous Greek cruise funded with ill-gotten loan proceeds. I use the term "pay the price" rather loosely. The taxpayers would be picking up the tab for room and board if Anthony "Tony" Porter, Frank "Skip" Amelung and John Kevin Foster actually do prison time, and it wouldn't surprise me to see some taxpayer bailout of the banks that tossed money around without anything resembling due diligence. But, hell, that's capitalism at its best, right? I've inserted some of the reader comments that came in response to the photos.]

What we need is a good photo-journalist. The more I explore what’s happening in these mountains, the more convinced I am that the story can’t be told without pictures. Of course, a trip to the Village of Penland can provide lots of pictures…pictures of pictures of things that don’t exist.

For instance, there’s no 100,000 square feet of retail shopping space to be seen. No Diamond Lake condo to be seen. Just pictures of how it could have been.

On the other hand, you can find pictures of things that really were. Some people would call them amenities.

Like an OCEAN CRUISE. Now THAT’S an amenity.

How about an ocean cruise made possible in part with generous funding from a banking institution near you?

Welcome aboard!

But back to our discussion of photo-journalism.
Do you want a photograph of poker-playing dogs?

Or a photograph of poker-playing ALPHA dogs?

Either way, you’re in luck.

Now, I don’t recognize any of these "dawgs"…
But they look like a fun-loving bunch.
Or should I say a fun-loving "pack"?
[anonymous said - At the blackjack table - On the left, grey shirt w/ glasses: Neil O'Rourke. On the right, white shirt and bald: Kevin Foster.Don't know the others.]

When you get tired of the big boat, you can hit the water on a little boat.

Those other dawgs, too.
[anonymous said - Mr. Porter on the boat with his arms wide open, saying "Welcome Suckers" and Randy Carpenter sitting on the back of the boat helping drag it all in. After all Mr. Carpenter is the one who did the survey's and also his law office closed the loans, why do we not hear more of his involvement?]

Life is good!

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Anonymous said...

It seems like the Penland Perps are just a small asterisk in the sea of bad economic times we are currently having.
I wonder if the Amelungs have infact have gone to jail?