Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Common Good

The recent talk about a possible merger between Sylva and Dillsboro is nothing new. It appears to go back at least 120 years!

From the Tuckasegee Democrat, January 29, 1889:

Our townsman, Mr. O. B. Coward has shown us a pair of Berkshire pigs brought from Columbia, S.C. by Mr. T. B. Coward.

We enjoyed the pleasure this week of a visit to our sister town of Dillsboro. The trade in locust pins and railroad crossties has assumed quite large proportions, and Dillsboro may justly claim to be headquarters for crossties. ...

We learned from some of the leading citizens that the Democrat had failed to receive as hearty a support as we could wish because of the existence of a real or imaginary feeling of rivalry between their town and ours. If any feeling, looking to the advancement of Sylva's interest by pulling down those of Dillsboro, exists among our people we are not aware of it and must protest that the Democrat does not share it. Our efforts are now and will continue to be directed to the upbuilding of the whole county, and we shall rejoice in the continued growth and prosperity of all her towns. In fact we would be glad to see the time when Dillsboro and Sylva shall grow into each other and be governed by one corporation. In the meantime we desire to foster and encourage the kindest relations between the two places. Let us all work together for our common good.


Western North Carolina Writer's Underground said...

It would be a mistake for Dillsboro to merge with Sylva. The name 'Dillsboro' is quaint sounding and the fact that Dillsboro doesn't have a smoke stack factory belching pollutants into the mountain air is a big plus also. Although, I don't suppose its Dillsboro's fault that humans are busy tearing down a mountain within sight of the Jarret House just so developers can have nice gravel on their driveways. Someday there will be a nice view--hopefully without the huge dump trucks.

Anonymous said...

I live on the road the Dillsboro rock quarry is on. When they started taking down the top part of Black Top Mountain we expressed concern. We were told to look on the bright side, after all, "sunrise will come quicker now". Oh joy of joys. As my bedroom shakes and another blast of dynamite takes down another few thousand dollars worth of granite gold.