Monday, February 23, 2009

Doug Clark and His Hot Nuts

It’s funny how the comments in response to the Serge Voronoff monkey story included musical references. Maybe we could turn the saga of Voronoff and Brinkley into a rock opera.

Unfortunately, Gene Pitney died a couple of years ago.

As far as I know, Dan Hicks is still with us.

This video demonstrates that, back in their day, Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks could sing AND dance.

Now, the reference to Doug Clark and his Hot Nuts really brought back some memories. Hazy memories, though. I had always put Doug Clark in the "beach music" bin. For the uninitiated, that's a Carolina thing, much closer to doo-wop and R'n'B than to Southern California surfer music.

To be honest, it was never really my cup of tea, though I know plenty of my contemporaries would be ready to shag to the tunes. And if "shagging" makes you think of Austin Powers, then you know even less about beach music than I do. It's a dance...and I know some fairly proficient practitioners of the form. Of course, I'm not among them.

I would have guessed that Doug Clark and his Hot Nuts was a Carolina band...and sure enough, I've learned that they came out of Chapel Hill.

Here's the scoop from Wikipedia:
Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts, also known as Doug Clark and his Hot Nuts, The Hot Nuts and, since the death of Doug Clark in 2002, Doug Clark's Hot Nuts, is a rhythm and blues, rock and novelty band that has played party and club dates for more than fifty years. Starting in Chapel Hill, NC they became famous on the college circuit in the southeastern United States in the early 1960s for their risque song lyrics and jokes, and for allegedly performing in various states of undress. Their signature song was Hot Nuts.

Watching this video was my introduction to Doug Clark, and it blows any delusions I might have harbored about the "innocent" early sixties in the Tar Heel state.

If you haven't figured it out by now, this encore by Doug Clark and his Hot Nuts confirms that the band had NO redeeming social value. This wasn't just "beach music"...this was a raunchy party band. I must have been at home watching the Andy Griffith show when all this was going on.

Nevertheless, we'll find a place for Doug Clark in the Voronoff-Brinkley rock opera.

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Western North Carolina Writer's Underground said...

Love that "Panty Raid" cover. Long live Doug Clark and his Hot Nuts!