Saturday, March 7, 2009

R. I. P. Macho B

Ordinarily I would welcome an occasion to post some big cat pictures.

But not this time.

Oh, I’m posting the pictures. It’s just that I don’t welcome the circumstances.

On Thursday, mourners gathered in Tucson, Arizona to hold a memorial service for Macho B.

The male jaguar was first spotted in southeastern Arizona in 1996 when he was about age 2 or 3. Prior to his appearance, people believed that jaguars had been absent from the area for decades.

From his obituary:

Macho B was very rarely seen, but was often caught by researchers’ remote cameras. He had his haunts, his habits, and his many fans. Macho B had been inadvertently captured in a snare trap on February 18th, and so was fitted with a satellite collar to track his movements. On March 2nd, he was recaptured when he was observed to be in poor condition and to have trouble walking. Veterinarians at the Phoenix Zoo diagnosed the kidney failure.

Because of his precarious condition, Macho B was euthanized.

A year ago, a recovery plan for jaguars in southern Arizona was abandoned because it conflicted with the Bush administration’s intentions to install a fence along the Mexican border. The status of that fence, and implementation of a recovery plan for the jaguar, are still being litigated under the terms of the Endangered Species Act.

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