Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sunset views from Cowee Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway

Dawn and sunset are the times when Nature herself is unstable and in flux. The nocturnal world and the daytime world are meeting, and for a brief time coexisting. It's not a neat hard cut, but a blurred, irregular dissolve. These moments are the seams in existence through which we can get a glimpse of the deeper, fundamentally random, chance workings of a system in which we are only a small, insignificant player.
-Bill Viola

Doubletop Mountain



Tai said...

I think I am crepuscular at heart; I feel most alive during these transitions from day to night or night to day. Beautiful photos.

GULAHIYI said...

Thanks, Tai, nice to hear from you...I'm in awe of your blog, by the way.

Western North Carolina Writer's Underground said...

End of the Day

Cows in the pasture grazing in the gloaming
The moos of the mothers to their calves to stay close

A breeze stirs the air, sweet scent of summer grass
Bullfrogs bellow in the watering hole amongst the cattails

Bats flit about dive bombing hapless insects
Sounds of dishes being washed in the kitchen

The sun slowly sets in a cloudless azure sky
Shadows lengthen, falling towards the east

As night settles upon the land
Taking over from the summer’s day

Time stops between two worlds
Capturing all in a long moment of pause

I rest in the evening
And reflect on the past

Feeling gratitude for this day
The Creator has made

Chuck Connors, July 2, 2009