Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MacArthur Geniuses, NOT!

Twenty-four recipients of the MacArthur "genius grants" were announced today. I’m looking forward to learning about them, as it always helps me to regain a little faith in humanity.

One of the previous winners, the ethnobotanist Gary Paul Nabhan, spoke in Highlands last summer and I was certainly inspired by his work and his message.


Though I don’t know yet who made this year’s list of MacArthur geniuses, I’m quite certain of a few names that WON’T make the list.

Manny Wall, for one.

Thanks to the Southern Highland Reader for featuring a link on this dude.


Manny Wall was cruising through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with his 100-pound dog in the back of the truck. The beast got a whiff of something irresistible, leapt from the truck and ran down a 130-pound buck, injuring it so badly it had to be euthanized. Fortunately, Manny is facing federal charges.

Rosie the Pitbull Pinup, by Stuart Swartz. I didn’t paint it, so don’t blame me if you’re offended. This is exactly the kind of thing I see far too often in the GSMNP.

Geniuses! You don't find them behind every tree in the forest.

Take, for instance, a disturbing report posted on the NC Lookouts website today.


The Wayah Bald lookout tower near Franklin, NC was firebombed by a half dozen mischievous imps so proud of their work they posted it on You Tube. Fortunately, they’re facing felony charges…and rock doesn’t burn.

Tower on Wayah Bald

In any event, Ryan Charles Douglass, Martin Douglas Murray and Nicholas William Ford are more names that I don’t expect to find on the MacArthur genius list.

To meet those who ARE in the 2009 class of MacArthur Fellows:


Very cool, indeed!

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Anonymous said...

loved the motorcycle painting.
and I used to believe I wanted to be a "bike babe" in my next life. No more; they are loud, and reflect the worst in us.
the sound carries carries forever.
would love to have a way to prevent motorcycles in the park.