Sunday, September 20, 2009

On the Face of the Earth

Fisher Creek, September 2009

Human features are everywhere: in the shapes of the earth, in rock, ice, and cloud formations, in plants and trees, in the markings of living creatures. If, as the alchemists said, all metals are aspiring to be gold, so does nature constantly strive to re-create the human form.

Opposing this fanciful view is the fact that we are pre-programmed to recognize our own image. Tests show that a new-born baby, before it could have learnt by experience to interpret what it sees, responds to the pattern of a human face. Anthropomorphism is built into us and conditions our view of nature.

-John Michell, author of Natural Likeness, Faces and Figures in Nature


Anonymous said...

Amy Stroup resurfaces!!!

GULAHIYI said...

Well, hell, that's the WRONG answer. Guess again.

But thanks a million for that video. Hurrah for Amy Stroupe for blowing the whistle on BB&T involvement in the Village of Penland real estate scam.

It's a dream-come-true for me to see a video done on this story.

Anonymous said...

The video is amazing and does my
heart good as well, but will it
make any difference?

Making a trip to NC from FL soon
and was intending to drive by to
see how high the weeds have grown.
Now I don't have to!

GULAHIYI said...

Will it make any difference? I wonder the same thing. The same kind of behavior that resulted in the Penland debacle continues everywhere. It is happening right now in Jackson County, with trumped-up appraisals to protect the stake that banks already have in certain projects.

And a la Penland, one Jackson County development is abandoned, included a row of half-finished McMansions that are deteriorating rapidly. At that development, also, sits a mountain of timber that was cut when roads were put in. And it looks like it will be going to waste, too.

Despite all we've seen and learned, I'm quite sure that the red carpet will be rolled out for the next set of swindlers who roll into town.

County officials, inspectors, realtors, lawyers, appraisers and bankers all see what's happening, but they'd rather close ranks and take their cut of the action than do anything to interrupt the scams.

Meanwhile, lots of other(innocent) people are suffering the consequences of business-as-usual.