Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Silver Run Falls

Silver Run Falls, Cashiers, NC

From Flowering Earth, by Donald Culross Peattie:

…the fates of living things are bound together, and a wise man can grow wiser, learning it. The perilous balance, the dangerous adventure, the thirst, the needs, the crashing end - they are impartially allotted to us all, tall man or taller tree. What we the living require is most of all each other. Progeny we must have, company, provender, friends, and even enemies. The whole long vital experiment on earth is symbiotic by chains of cause and relation past glib explaining.

It is not explained why there is for us all but one life, but it is plain enough that all life is one. It breathes the same air, grows by the same fiat, was conceived alike…

We die together too, in each other's arms, and of each other, for life is its own best enemy, and to die is functional in living. We mate together and, welding a life to a life, get our seed, and so give, as we were given, a time to walk upon this flowering earth.



Mountaindreamers said...

A lovely quote and how true.

Anonymous said...

did you take the beautiful photo?
realizing we are all connected.
thanks for this blog.

GULAHIYI said...

Thank you both. Yes, I took that shot recently and rather liked how it looked in black-and-white.