Friday, October 9, 2009

Bombing the Moon

We say we are brilliant with light from the stars that began millennia ago and now burn in our minds.
- Woman and Nature, Susan Griffin

Nuclear Rocketship, Frank Tinsley

They're bombing the moon today. At 7:30 this morning I'll be glued to the NASA channel to watch.

Cosmic Butterfly, Frank Tinsley

This got me thinking about that groovy space art from the Fifties, back around the time we'd go out to watch satellites sailing across the night sky. Frank Tinsley created these illustrations for American Bosch Arma in 1959. It makes me want to go find an old issue of Popular Science.

Lunar Unicycle, Frank Tinsley

More from Susan Griffin:
We play with numbers. Charming and sweet, we play little games with them, these figures. They are pale reflections, without the gravity of being of the potato, the glacier, the growth of lichen, the feather of an egret, the flecks in the iris of an eye, cracks in the dried clay of soil or the shed shell of a turtle, all of which they quantify, from which all they derive, the material forms whose awesome processes these numbers merely imitate, making simpler dramas with which we rest our minds, and in this bloodless theater of mathematics our hearts are eased. We are able to see the inevitability of process, count the days until our deaths, number the generations before and after, calculate the future colors of the eyes of our progeny, for numbers allow us, for moments, to objectify our own existence, which we know we cannot do to the potato or the glacier or the egret, the turtle nor the eye that meets us like our own with all its beautiful and its terrible knowledge of survival, the eye attached by ganglia and arteries through the brain's cortex down the spine even to the flesh of a foot that edges over the earth, feeling the hard outline of a crack on the clay surface.

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Anonymous said...

But wait! Didn't we take samples from the moon? Why can't we test them for water/ice?

This sounds like another Legasus venture. So NASA is planning to mine this stuff on the moon now?

The thought about cutting our consumption comes across my mind rather than destroying another frontier. And the beat goes on.