Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Good Year for Waterfalls

2009 has been a good year for waterfalls. With the end of the long drought, some old favorites are running better than they have in a long time. In 2008, Bridal Veil Falls (the one near Highlands) was down to a trickle. Not anymore.

Just down the mountain from Bridal Veil, the Forest Service finally reopened access to the incomparable Dry Falls.

Lots of new falls for me in '09, like...


Whiteoak Creek:

Lower Whitewater:

Add to that one episode of waterfall-induced etymological wandering.

Finally, I still haven't seen if for myself, but have heard that Kevin Adams' new map of North Carolina waterfalls is a beauty. His waterfall book has been THE go-to reference for weekend rambles, and I expect the map would be a nice addition to that.

Without a doubt, it was a good year for waterfalls.


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River Lover said...

This is a nice resource -- thanks! I've used to scout potential runs. I'll have to grab one of these maps, too.

Do you know if the mini-gorge on the upper Whitewater is accessible by trail? I'm thinking about running the section from Highway 107 to 281 and would like to hike it while I recover from rotator cuff surgery.

Took a look at Whiteoak Falls Tuesday, but there's dangerous wood in the landing zone. Nice picture!

Check out Gragg Prong in the index at ncwaterfalls -- halfway down, there's a picture of a falls with a hiker warning; we call it "Dragstrip," seen here on Vimeo:

Whether I'm hiking or boating, there's lots to love about living in a land of waterfalls...