Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finding Refuge

I discovered a reference to Gaddy's Goose Pond in an unexpected source, Derrick Jensen's book, A Language Older Than Words.

He referred to a phenomenon I've often heard about, that "game" animals have an uncanny sense of where they can find refuge from hunters:

I told my friend that every experienced hunter I know often witnesses this same thing: bucks feed openly in fields a few days before the season opens, then disappear before the shooting begins.

She continued to look at me, her face bland, and I could tell she was losing patience. I pushed ahead, and told her about the Gaddy Goose Refuge. In the mid-1930s, a North Carolina farmer named Lockhart Gaddy began feeding Canada geese at this farm. Soon, there were so many that tourists began to visit. The geese felt safe: at neighboring farms they wouldn’t allow anyone within a quarter mile of them, but at Gaddy’s they allowed tourists to touch them. Both birds and visitors continued to increase until there were nearly 30,000 Canada geese, and as many human visitors. In 1953 Gaddy died of an apparent heart attack while feeding the geese. His wife, Hazel, said there was silence among the 10,000 birds there at the time.

Derrick Jensen always has an interesting perspective on what's happening:

Here, he talks about identifying with the system:

Some people detest him, but I appreciate Jensen's "attitude":

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Anonymous said...

Listening to this reminds me of all the ways we have fragmented ourselves from nature and from one another. In thinking about the way we have been socialized, the way we have been taught, even that we all have a part in some kind of Ponzi scheme until we become conscious and aware.

Most of what we have learned, what we know, simply isn't true. And, it is just another form of controlling the masses. We are like sheep to slaughter. "If our beliefs hold so much power, and if we live our lives based on what we believe, then the obvious question is: Where do our beliefs come from?"..."If our lives are based on what we believe, then what if those beliefs are wrong?" Gregg Braden, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief. We do live in a participatory universe and it is time to pay attention before we lose the simplicity of nature and all the abundance it gives.

Sunday's entry was beautiful. Thank you for your continual eloquence.

Anonymous said...

Something you might have heard while you grew up in Stanly County is that the deer have a good notion of where the Alcoa land ends and where Morrow Mountain State Park begins. Especially dowm near the lower quarry and the old road to the Kron place, deer have taken little interest in me when I passed.


kanugalihi said...

thanks for this. had not read of jensen before. very good. I appreciate you greatly.