Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tired - A Found Poem

I like the idea of found poems. Annie Dillard has an entire book of found poems, Mornings Like This, of which she writes:

Excepting only some titles and subtitles, I did not write a word of it.

And similarly, I did not have to write a word of it after I googled "people make me tired" a few months ago. As soon as I saw the list of results pop up on the screen, I recognized what I had found:


People make me tired
Cool people make me tired
Blue green algae makes me tired
Buspar with Zoloft makes me tired.

Eating makes me tired
Sleeping makes me tired
Ecstasy makes me tired
Being vegetarian makes me tired.

If my eyesight isn’t perfect will it make me tired?

Women make me tired
Stressful job makes me tired
Frugality fatigue makes me tired
Maintaining the rage makes me tired.

Why does turkey make me tired?
Milk make me tired?
Bud make me tired?
Coffee make me tired?

Is it possible that vitamins make me tired?

You make me tired
Media releases make me tired
Narcolepsy makes me tired
Thinking about today makes me so tired.

Xanax helps.

But it…

…makes me tired.

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