Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Arc de Triomphe, Asheville

I heard on the news that the sole surviving US veteran of World War One has turned 109. The story reminded me of one of my favorite old Asheville photographs, from 1919:

Soldiers under Peace Arch on Patton Avenue for victory parade. The wooden arch was built of donated materials and topped by an eagle with an eight-foot wing span.


Western North Carolina Writer's Underground said...

If Ashevillians were to attempt to build such a 'Peace Arch' for a victory parade today it would be covered by anti-war graffiti before it could be completed.

Caswell County Historical Association said...

The view must be to the west down Patton Avenue. Note the bell-tower-like structure over the left side of the arch. I believe that is the old federal building (customs house, post office, courthouse) that stood where Pritchard Park is today (where Patton Avenue and College Street come together). Before (way before) the federal building, James McConnell Smith (1787-1856) had a barn and swinery at that spot.

GULAHIYI said...

Thanks for helping orient that view. I hadn't taken the time to study the exact location but was wondering where it might have been. It sure was an impressive structure and I wonder how long it stayed up.