Friday, March 12, 2010

"Area 51"...In Transylvania County?

I'll leave it to the skeptics and the true believers to debate the existence of an "Area 51" in our own backyard. I haven't had enough close encounters of the third kind to be anything other than a neutral messenger. With that said...

Drive south from Cullowhee, and when you get to Tuckasegee, turn left onto NC 281. Follow it through Little Canada and past Wolf Lake into Transylvania County. Take a couple of more turns, and before you reach NC 215 near Rosman, you will drive right past the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI).

Log on to the PARI website and you will learn more about this relic from the Cold War Era:

Our goal is to become a recognized center for world-class research, while providing educational opportunities for all levels of students: K-12, undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral. PARI’s mission is to promote science and excite the imagination; to become a place where researchers can try unconventional ideas, where pure research combines with practical application, and where people can begin their education and be inspired to continue.

The PARI site was initially developed by NASA in 1962 as the east coast facility to track satellites and monitor manned space flights. Located in the half-million acre Pisgah Forest about 30 miles southwest of Asheville, North Carolina, the PARI campus is a well-protected site for astronomy and should remain so for generations to come. The 200 acre campus contains 30 buildings with more than 100,000 square feet of floor space. PARI has redundant systems for water, power, fire protection and security. An extensive fiber optic communications network connects campus buildings and provides remote access to telescopes and instruments via the Internet.

Scientific instruments at PARI include: two 26 meter (85ft) radio telescopes, a 12.2 meter (40ft) radio telescope housed in a radome, a 4.6 meter (15ft) radio telescope (dubbed “Smiley” and operated remotely by high school students), a high frequency Jupiter-Io/Solar antenna, several optical telescopes on the PARI Optical Ridge, five weather and atmospheric monitoring stations, and various environmental monitoring instruments.

You can believe that if you want to, but the vigilant observers who run the website, Sky Ships Over Cashiers, have a different explanation of PARI:

There’s stuff going on within and around the Balsam Mountain Ridge that could be detrimental to the wellbeing of those living in Western North Carolina and beyond. The shadow government has a coffer there that goes six stories down into the ground. Survival supplies and equipment are stored there as well as stuff that could be harmful to the general population – and even wipe it out. They also have electromagnetic equipment that can be used to destroy human memories.

"Welcome to PARI. I'll be your host today."

Because of all this, the Star-born ships are in the area to keep any of this from happening. To confuse matters, there also are man-made ships and ships piloted by the renegade aliens that the shadow government uses to manipulate human reactions and behavior.

Many individuals with high energy vibrations and wisdom from the future are drawn to Western North Carolina and other significant locations around the world to uplift the vibration of an area and counteract the negativity generated by the shadow government.

I've never been to PARI, although I have wanted to attend one of the programs they offer. I take it there are doors that remain closed and locked during your tour of the facility.

And that leads to the question - what are they hiding behind those doors...?

I can tell you this...

It was a dark and stormy night. As I was driving back from Brevard, I peeled off from US 64 to take the short way home. Riding past PARI, I had an eery feeling. It is DARK around there, even by my rural standards.

Aerial view of PARI

Had I stopped I might have gotten a good view of strange phenomena in the sky. But it is just as well I didn't. Had I stopped I might have gotten spirited away for an extended tour of nearby galaxies.

No, I can't tell you much about Transylvania County's own Area 51, but here's someone who can:

Over the past couple of days, this video has inspired a lively discussion within a worldwide network of folks who track such things. For the thread on this, click:

Given all these revelations, I have one more burning question...

How ya' gonna' keep 'em down on the farm...

After they've seen PARI?



Anonymous said...

What? Am I the ONLY respondee to this post? I can only imagine others are afraid to come forward.

Nothing would surprise me. There is so much going on in our world. How sad for the greedy and profiteer types whose belief system forgets we are all in this boat together. The Laws of Physics ultimately rights things (often we are not aware of this).

Thanks so much for having the courage and conviction to post this. Please keep us posted. Mary Joyce is the best, too!

Nina said...

I just love hearing that I have high energy and wisdom for the future. Bad forces, do your darnedest, OHmmmmm to ya.

Best blog in the known universe.