Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Musical Interlude

I've been working on lots of new stories that overtax my feeble brain, but I'll get them posted eventually. Just the other day, for a little road music, I played a cassette I'd never really listened to before. Apparently, "Gling Glo" is not particularly representative of Bjork's overall musical output. With the piano trio backing her up, it is more in the vein of lounge music, and I enjoy hearing someone singing something other than English. With all the Icelandic and assorted wails and shrieks and growls, it was a good choice for traveling music.

I could have picked her out a police lineup (maybe), but didn't know her work to any degree, so I went on a YouTube binge and discovered she's not just a jazz crooner.

It's hard to top tigers and rabbits dancing together and bears playing horns, but her other video of "It's Oh So Quiet" has some cool choreography. Since I'm prevented from posting it, here's the link:

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