Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who Has the Oil?

This is a tremendous map. The proportion of oil reserves around the world is reflected by the exaggerated sizes of the various countries. Oil consumption is represented by color.

Click on map to view detail.

“The United States consumes more than 20,000,000 barrels of oil per day but has less than 2 percent of the world’s remaining oil”

This 2004 map of crude oil reserves was sourced from BP’s Statistical Review division.


Anonymous said...

Night Comes to the Americans Early

We are just so arrogant thinking we are entitled to such consumption. Then when we are at peak oil, we invade another country on some false pretense because we want their oil.

We are a destructive nation and unconscious. I wonder how much longer we will continue to sleepwalk? It is time to wake up!

GULAHIYI said...

Exactly. And when you compare the reserves vs. consumption (as shown on the map) all that talk about "drill, baby, drill" to achieve energy independence is revealed to be an inadequate solution. Interesting how China is the other country with high demand for oil. How much of that is driven by the manufacture of all that junk that ends up in the Walmarts of America?

Oh well, when Sarah gets elected Prez everything will be set right, doncha know?

Anonymous said...

not only are we "just arrogant thinking..." but very pampered by our government and corporate society that hides much of the consequences of our life style. Have been for so long, none of us has an appreciation for how bad life can get here in the States. We are so psychically unprepared for this. It will have to get so, so much worse before we actually step up to create a sustainable society. I fear most that our democratic institutions will be the biggest casualty.

Anonymous said...

And we sleep peacefully as half a world away another generation of young men and women are being irrevocably damaged while they fight to preserve what? Our freedom? Our lifestyle? Our right to externalize the costs of our excesses on the world and the planet?
Thirty two soldiers took their own lives last month consumed by stress and images they could not find escape from. And recruitment is up, quotas are met, because of an economy that stagnates while corporations sit on the largest pile of cash ever accumulated by American business.
And if our sleep is disturbed it is more than likely that is the result of the resentment stirred by demagogues, denialists and detractors that would have us believe that if only we all acted with greater self-interest the magic of markets and consumption would bring us that elusive peace, promise and progress we so greedily desire.
Is American Exceptionalism the result of some shining Grace by the hand of an Almighty shining down upon a fruitful land and people? Or is it born of our ability to treat the victims of history, like those in this post, as nothing more than historical curiosities?

Anonymous said...

Here we sit...writing so eloquently. But what have we changed? The beat goes on.

March on Washington NOW

GULAHIYI said...

A march on Washington might be in order, but for THIS issue? Certainly, changes are needed in the political arena, but the big change needs to be in our American lifestyle, and I don't know how that will come about. I don't like being a part of the problem (and I realize that I am), so how do I change that. Until tens of millions of us are willing to run away and join the Amish, I can't see any significant change.

The Amish are the only people I know with an answer to our problem of oil dependency. Until we join their example, we'd better keep electing politicians who will cozy up to big oil producers like Saudi Arabia...or invade the countries that have the oil we're addicted to.