Monday, October 18, 2010


Joshua Tree Under the Milky Way time lapse from Henry Jun Wah Lee on Vimeo.

From The Spell of the Sensuous, by David Abram:

Over my head the black sky was rippling with stars, densely clustered in some regions, almost blocking out the darkness between them, and more loosely scattered in other areas, pulsing and beckoning to each other. Behind them all streamed the great river of light with its several tributaries. Yet the milky way churned beneath me as well, for my hut was set in the middle of a large patchwork of rice paddies, separated from each other by narrow two-foot-high dikes, and these paddies were all filled with water. The surface of these pools, by day, reflected perfectly the blue sky, a reflection broken only by the thin, bright green tips of new rice. But by night the stars themselves glimmered from the surface of the paddies, and the river of light whirled through the darkness underfoot as well as above; there seemed no ground in front of my feet, only the abyss of star-studded space falling forever.

I was no longer simply beneath the night sky, but also above it – the immediate impression was of weightlessness. I might have been able to reorient myself, to regain some sense of ground and gravity, were it not for the fact that confounded my senses entirely: between the constellations below and the constellations above drifted countless fireflies, their lights flickering like the stars, some drifting up to join the clusters of stars overhead, others, like graceful meteors, slipping down from above to join the constellations underfoot, and all these paths of light upward and downward were mirrored, as well, in the still surface of the paddies. I felt myself at times falling through space, at other moments floating and drifting. I simply could not dispel the profound vertigo and giddiness; the paths of the fireflies, and their reflections in the water's surface, held me in a sustained trance. Even after I crawled back to my hut and shut the door on this whirling world, I felt that now the little room in which I lay was itself floating free of the earth.

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Another time lapse from Henry Jun Wah Lee, preview of The Urban Landscape (Los Angeles), amazing work that should be watched full-screen:

The Urban Landscape - Preview 2 from Henry Jun Wah Lee on Vimeo.

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