Saturday, October 9, 2010


October Photographs 2006-2010



ONE by one, like leaves from a tree,
All my faiths have forsaken me;
But the stars above my head
Burn in white and delicate red,
And beneath my feet the earth
Brings the sturdy grass to birth.
I who was content to be
But a silken-singing tree,
But a rustle of delight
In the wistful heart of night--
I have lost the leaves that knew
Touch of rain and weight of dew.
Blinded by a leafy crown
I looked neither up nor down--
But the little leaves that die
Have left me room to see the sky;
Now for the first time I know
Stars above and earth below.

Sara Teasdale

1 comment:

Laurence Holden said...

Fall Leaves

The leaves fallen.
Another year,
much like regrets

that pinch at the heart.

Just leavings?
Or fingerprints
of time?