Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rube Tuesday, 11/16/10

The treadmill guys have brought us one very ambitious Rube Goldberg machine:

Wired Magazine has an article on the making of This Too Shall Pass:

OK Go recruited a gang of very talented engineers to build a huge, elaborate Rube Goldberg machine whose action perfectly meshes with the band’s song, “This Too Shall Pass,” from the band’s new album, Of the Blue Color of the Sky...

Those builders were Syyn Labs, a Los Angeles-based arts and technology collective that has a history of doing surprising, entertaining science and tech projects that involve crowds of people, at a monthly gathering called Mindshare LA...

...55 to 60 people worked on the project in all. That includes eight “core builders” who did the bulk of the design and building, along with another 12 or so builders who helped part-time. In addition, Syyn Labs recruited 30 or more people to help reset the machine after each run.

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Laurence Holden said...

Goddess bless a little madness!

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I understand CDOs and Credit Default Swaps - actually quite simple if you understand inertia.