Monday, December 4, 2017

How President Trump is Lincolnesque


 We must accept the results of universal suffrage, and not try to make it appear that we can elect fine gentlemen.  We shall have coarse men, with a fair chance of worth and manly ability, but not polite men, not men to please the English or French. You cannot refine Mr. Lincoln’s taste, extend his horizon, or clear his judgment; he will not walk dignifiedly through the traditional part of the President of America, but will pop out his head at each railroad station and make a little speech and get into an argument with Judge A and Squire B.  He will write letters to Horace Greeley, and any editor or reporter or saucy party committee that writes to him, and cheapen himself. But this must we be ready for, and let the clown appear, and hug ourselves that we are well off, if we have got good nature, honest meaning, and fidelity to public interest, with bad manners, - instead of an elegant roue and malignant self-seeker. From the journal of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1863