Thursday, April 4, 2019

Losing Humanity

Several years ago, I recognized how people's souls were being sucked out of them by their digital devices.  Now, it requires some effort to recall the time when people were still human - compared to what they have become.

Leftists share plenty of blame for pushing the trend farther and farther.  Disagree with their agenda and you are labelled an agent of "hate."  I actually preferred the freedom of living in a society where individuals had the freedom to "hate."  It was much better, much more diverse and genuine,  than the alternative of living in a society where individuals are forced to "love" (by a "benevolent" all-powerful government/technocracy.)

Replacing humans with robots is very pleasing to the PC thought police.  Robots won't make grievous errors such as saying "colored people" instead of "people of color."  Robots can be programmed not to ever, ever, ever do anything to offend  the victims of patriarchy.  Robots don't laugh at inappropriate times.  Robots will not hate.

This week's Biden kerfuffle is just the latest bellwether in the campaign to destroy humanity:

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